My Skin Story Part 2


I got well after the oral medication that the doctor gave me but it I read that there was lots of side effects associated with the drug. I had frequent mood swings and my temper got really bad. I was also not have much self-esteem.  So I stopped and after a few months my skin became oily again.

This wasn’t the worst yet.

In 2013, just 2, 3 days before my birthday, i had a bout of eczema. It was the most terrible experience in my life! (Eczema patients i feel you). The night before my friends threw me a birthday party and I had so much delicious food – peaches, red wine, barbecued eel and a huge lovely birthday cake. The next day i woke up with a red rash on my cheek and it felt really itchy. And the next few days it just got worse and worse and i was even running a fever. It had grown into a whole patch of bumps on my cheek. I was crying. I went to see the dermatologist at a nearby clinic but I didn’t get better so i flew home from Japan immediately. I sought treatment with a skin specialist. She said I had a really serious case of eczema and that if I don’t get treated in time my life might even be in danger. I did everything as she said and I got better in 2 -3 days.

It was a tough journey. I had gone through acne and eczema. I feel everyone who has skin issues. Now I’m close to hitting my 30s which is why I have decided to dedicate my book and this blog to research healthy anti-aging techniques that I can use for the rest of my life. I am afraid of the side effects by drugs and also, I never eat peaches with red wine anymore.


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