Anti-aging Creams – Do They Work?


I’m not a firm believer of topical creams to be honest.

But this is an article on whether anti-aging creams work. Those anti-wrinkle serums that you have been spending (probably a large portion of your income) on. How much difference does it make actually?

In my book, 5 Steps to a Younger You, I discussed about how to choose the best anti-aging product on the market. It is largely dependent on the active ingredient and how much of that active ingredient it contains. An article from the Chicago Tribune published in 2011 says that most dermatologists and scientists says no or it’s hard to say. Why no you say?

Most products moisturize, even the cheapest ones do. And some claims that they have an anti-aging effect such as boosting collagen production because they contain such and such an anti-aging ingredient. However, there seems to be no scientific backup behind as to how much of that component will induce the anti-aging benefits. Besides, due to the lack of regulation of skincare products, the claims can be vague and it can be difficult to say how effective it really is.

Are these creams really worth the money if they don’t guarantee the benefit? The golden rule behind anti-aging skin seems to be moisturizing and UV protection. If it’s just these two things, why do you need a wrinkle cream if you could just buy a 2-in-1 moisturizer and suncreen? Do these expensive products really live up to their claim?

I once bought a whitening cream online that cost me $20. I bought it because I saw that they had a before-and-after advertisement of a person who used it and she became fair immediately just after 1 application. I merely wanted a glimmer of hope. The item came in the mail and i excitedly tried it on. The cream is white and after application, my face became fairer. So did it work? You tell me. 😂 If the cream is white, wouldn’t it suppose to turn my face white after applying it? DUH.

If the wrinkle cream is meant to hydrate, after applying it, isn’t it supposed to become moist? Most companies would run a moisture test on your skin using the moisture scanning device so of course your moisture content is gonna go up immediately! What if you stop applying it for a day? Did your skin go back to normal?

My point is simple. That immediate application of a moisturizer could make your fine lines seem less obvious like you’re pumping grape juice back into the raisin. It doesn’t necessary mean that it could really help your skin produce collagen. What really helps your skin cells reproduce is by ingesting the correct food and having the correct lifestyle. That is a guarantee. You can read more about this in my book here. Paperback available here.


Chicago Tribune





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