Natural Chamomile Eye Mask for Eyebags, Dark Eye Circles


Do you know that chamomile flowers have the effect of nourishing your skin as well as getting rid of those crow’s feet around your eyes?

Try this easy DIY eye mask recipe.


Boil a big handful of chamomile flowers in water for 3 minutes and strain, leaving the boiled chamomile water. Wait for it to cool. Add about 30ml of milk into the mixture. Soak the facial cotton/ mask cotton in the mixture and apply on your face and leave for 15 mins. Wash your face with cold water afterwards.

*Note here: If you wish to save trouble, you can boil more chamomile water for storing in the fridge. You can even freeze them in ice cube trays for convenience!

**Persevere and you will see results.

Good for: #Eyebags #darkeyecircles, fat deposits under eyes, moisturizing and nourishing

#diymask #eyemask



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