Telomeres and Aging


What are telomeres?

Telomeres are actually the protective caps at the ends of our DNA that helps us to reproduce new cells. Imagine a shoe lace – every time our cells reproduces, the tip of the shoelace gets a little shorter. Bit by bit. Once that protective tip of the shoelace is gone, what happens? Your shoelace frays – which means your cells will have problems reproducing and you will feel older than how you are supposed to feel.

Think of your skin sagging, wrinkly, drying up. This has got to do with your telomeres as your skin cells cannot reproduce itself fast enough. 😩

What can we do to lengthen our telomeres?

Lucky for you, scientists have discovered that we are able to rejuvenate our telomeres through our dietary habits. Food is a huge factor in creating that protective tip of your DNA again to help with cell reproduction. If you’re eating that donut or muffin, put it down right now. It is the first step to lengthening your telomere.

For a comprehensive guide on what to eat and avoid, check out my book on the Amazon link below my profile photo on this blog.

In summary, any processed food high in refined carbs, oil and sugar will increase the shortening of your telomere. They are aging foods. Fresh food such as veggies, fruits and fish will be a wonderful choice. The more you eat, the higher your telomeres get!

One of my favourite foods is actually seaweed. I usually get a packet of dried wakame seaweed and pour some of it into all my soups – super convenient and my daily source of iron and fibre. You know what’s the best part? They just increase in size so 1 packet could last me for a week. The ones I use are like these. They are perfect for busy working moms and dads.


  • Dr Oz’s video
  • From article [Age-Related Disease Protection with Longer Telomeres] published in Anti-aging Research Science



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