Body Parts that Age Fastest – physical changes during aging process


Do you know what physical changes your body shows during the aging process? Everyone concentrates on their face but no, there are 4 other areas that age quicker and reveal your real age. This is something that botox can’t save you from.

  1. Your hands

Our hands go under the sun as much as our face and we use our hands more than our face, letting it get in contact with dirt and water more often than our facial skin. Therefore sun protection for hands must not be neglected. First, choose a good handcream for everyday use, especially after you’ve washed your hands with drying soap or detergent. My favourite brand is L’occitane hand cream (love the smell!!).

2. Your ears

As we age, our ears sag. Lots of women like wearing heavy earrings which contribute to its sagging in the long term. It is better to skip wearing those huge fashion pieces which weigh like a ton of bricks to avoid looking like the Buddha in the future. Or do you prefer to be called Jumbo?

3. Your neck

I think this is one of the most important body parts in this list. Those lines on your neck really does make someone seem older. No kidding. To avoid wrinkling your neck, make sure to slather some sun cream on it too regularly.

4. Your boobs

This is one of women’s greatest fears – sagging boobs. As we age, our boobs could also lose firmness and go out of shape. Take precaution on the kind of bra you wear and the support it provides. Massaging your boobs would help regain the perkiness and shape. It works!






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