My Favorite Cleanser & Toner for Oily Skin & Sensitive Skin

Me! Having fun in Hokkaido this vacation in March this year 🙂

Today I would like to share with you 2 skincare items which are essential for my survival. (exaggerating here, but I carry them everywhere with me)

If you have read my skin story, I have shared that I’ve had a serious bout of eczema before which was the turning point in my life for my skin. Before that I was just having oily skin and I was actually quite a skincare junkie. I would buy a lot of new skincare products to try but abandon them once i couldn’t see much results or once there was newer products out. I was having some acne and so I was basically trying out acne products. My dermatologist told me that my eczema happened because of this and my oily skin has instantly transformed into ultra sensitive skin. I used too many products, and my skin had a hard time acclimatizing. It resulted in a serious inflammation and a case of eczema. 😭

This is a huge lesson for me – never use too many products at a time and keep switching products. I was using cleanser, toner, emulsion, whitening cream, sleeping mask pack every day! No wonder my skin got crazy!

The dermatologist recommended me to use the following cleanser:
Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is the HG for everyone with acne and sensitive skin. Tried and tested personally. Before that I was using Avene Cleanance gel cleanser for oily skin. Actually I liked it as it gave me the squeaky clean feeling after I washed my face. But my Derm said it was too drying for my skin which is why my skin would become oilier after that as the skin would automatically create more sebum if it is dry hence, pimples.

Cetaphil didn’t give me that squeaky clean feeling like Avene but it actually worked! Amazing for sensitive skin. My acne stopped and no more bouts of eczema and inflammation. This is probably why I HAVE TO HAVE IT EVERYWHERE I TRAVEL.

A side note here: Has to be the GENTLE SKIN CLEANSER and not the normal cleanser because that one is too drying too. If you have issues with skin on other parts of your body, you can use it as a shower gel too! Really awesome and it’s so much cheaper than most cleansers!

My 2nd HG product is this toner:

Hatomugi Skin Conditioner. It’s a Japanese brand and I love it! It is mild and doesn’t feel sticky on skin.

Here’s the product description I found on Watsons Singapore Page:

Hatomugi Skin Conditioner contains hydrating Job’s tears extract to tone and adjust the skin’s condition and restore moisture. Richly moisturizing, yet never sticky, this toner nourishes irritated, dry skin, returning it to a refreshed, smooth condition. Reduces inflammation after sunburn and firms tired skin. Suitable for use on both the body and face. Best used after bathing. Unscented, contains no dyes

I was using SKII but it was expensive and I didn’t think it did better for my skin than this product. This toner is so much cheaper yet has better results and the best is, it is good for sensitive skin like mine because I can’t deal with harsh chemicals anymore. It feels soothing on my skin and I apply it right after I get out of the shower.

I hope you get something useful out of this article!



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