And so I did an experiment…


Hey guys! So actually I’ve been trying out something new for the past 2-3 weeks by incorporating this into my morning routine and I’m quite impressed by the results!

 If you can see some reddish marks, i had a minor breakout like 3 weeks ago. This picture is not filtered, not edited and I have no makeup on.

So the story is that I had to move away from my house for 2 weeks because of some renovation works at home. I was under some stress and so i had a breakout on my left cheek. It was actually small little bumps underneath the skin and you cannot squeeze them. Pretty annoying.

Picking is a bad habit but luckily my brother’s house (I was living with my bro for 2 weeks) didn’t have mirrors except for one in his room and I totally forgot the existence of mirrors. And so, i didn’t pick at my pimples until I looked at myself in the mirror.

I’m sorry that i didn’t take a before-picture for this experiment as I was basically just trying stuff out. But basically the 3 or 4 red marks on my skin are the spots. A huge one of my cheek and some along my hairline. I was sipping green tea (as usual) everyday and one day it just occur to me that my skin was very oily (hot weather) and I decided to wash my face in the afternoon.

And this was what I did

I took some hot water, pour them into the basin and put in 2 green tea bags. Waited for about 15 minutes or more, until the water turned warm and I started to pat the green tea on my face. I did this for maybe 15 minutes or so, until the water has turned completely lukewarm. I squeezed the teabags and pat the juice on my face. After gently patting it until my face is dry, i just leave it like this and continued to do my work without rinsing it.


I could see results after one week of washing my face with green tea every morning. I noticed that dead skin comes off easily as I was rubbing my face in the shower. My pimples have also surfaced and they were ‘ready’ to exit at the end of 1-2 weeks. I am now 3 weeks in doing this and so far my pimples have stopped and my skin is now smoother and softer!


Green tea packs a punch of antioxidants – catechin tannins (10-25%) which also has anticancer properties. Green tea also contains the most powerful type of catechins, the EGCG, which as an antioxidant is about 25 to 100 times stronger than Vitamins C and E. It boosts the metabolism of the skin and hence improving skin cell renewal (my shedding of dead skin in the shower) which leads to younger and healthier-looking skin.

I also found out that green tea polyphenols ECGC is the most protective against radiation! It is suitable for people like us who works in front of the computer all day.

Maybe you want to give it a try today!

This experiment will be featured in my 2nd book featuring alternative home remedies for anti-aging. Please subscribe to be informed of new posts, new book releases and preorders!




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